Hi, I'm Emmanuel Aina.

Frontend Engineer at heart, building usable and accessible solutions.

Senior Frontend Engr at Convoy (YC 22)



  • Enabling Payments on the Web Accessibly

    javascriptAug 18th, 2020

    Online payment has really grown tremendously, most especially in this part of the world (Nigeria, Africa), with the fast growth of the Fintech industry i.e improving the user experience of making payments, making it easier for us to spend our money...

  • Making Your PWA A Share Target

    javascriptJun 4th, 2019

    Only platform-specific apps could receive shares from other installed apps in the past, but now with the Web Share Target API installed web apps (PWAs) can register with the underlying OS as a share target to receive shared content...

  • Native Share On The Web

    javascriptJun 5th, 2019

    Building a share feature can be really overwhelming. Taking into account the stress of reading through different platforms (Like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram)...

  • Introducing Puppeteer

    javascriptSep 10th, 2019

    Puppeteer is a node js library that provides high-level API, which helps you control headerless chrome over dev tools protocol. Wondering what “Headerless chrome” means?...